Thank you for visiting twenty9north studios! We have been recording and producing audio for over twenty years and are happy to share our expertise with you on your next project. To learn more about what we can do for you visit our services section. To review our microphones and gear check out our equipment list.

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Recording + Engineering: $150/HR

If you have your production planned and are ready to record we have the engineers ready to assist!

Audio Production: $150/HR

Do you have the audio but lack the time to chop it all up? Did you get a great interview but the recording leaves something to be desired? Or do you simply have a vision and need some help pulling it together? We've got you.

Voice Over Talent: $150/HR

If thousands of people are going to hear your work, you need the right voice. We have a wide network of professional voice over talent we can for your project.

Let us bring it all toether with a FULL PRODUCTION PACKAGE:

Perfect for commercial projects including presentations, recorded messages and digital/radio advertisements.

We Will:

Create a script or help you edit existing content

Source the top available vocal talent

Provide fully licensed music beds

Record all voice over and audio in PRISTINE quality

Provide audio in any format required

Not be huge jerks about edits and changes 🙂

Total Cost $300*

*This price is an estimate; Please contact us with the specifics of your project to receive a quote.


Recording Studio A

1x Sure SM58
2x Sure SM7B

Signal Path:
Cloudlifter CL-4 Mic Activator
Behringer X1832 Mixer
Zoom H6 Recorder
Behringer HA400 headphone mixer

VIVO Pneumatic Microphone Arms

Production Studio B

1x Sure SM58
1x M-Audio Sputnik

Signal Path:
Warm Audio ToneBeast tb12 Preamp
Focusrite Scarlet 18i20

Signal Processing:
DBX 231s Graphic EQ
Samson S-Com 4x Compressor
Sherman Filterbank
Aphex Aural Exciter
Lexicon MPX 100 FX
Yamaha SPX50 FX



Strive Strategies Podcast Stage & Studio

Strive and twenty9north are partnering up to product podcasts!

twenty9north has always shared a close relationship with Strive Strategies and we are proud to announce that we are once again teaming up to create the Strive Strategies Group Podcast Stage & Studio. Strive will be designing and appointing a purpose made space for comfortable podcast and interview production in the guests + host format.

Strive has a great stable of high energy guests and we look forward to producing them soon. With Strive in charge of the sets look and twenty9north in charge of the sound, it is hard to express just how excited we are for this project. Keep an eye on the news section for updates!


The twenty9north podcast: episode 1

Episode 1 of the twenty9north podcast is out!

The flagship podcast of twenty9north, the eponymously named twenty9north pdcast is out! Check out episode 1 for a quick run down of what twenty9north is, and what the podcast will be about. We couldn't be more ...

Work has begun in earnest on the twenty9north production studio

This is the first news post on this website because this is the first news we have! We have begun building out the twenty9north production studio! This is a joint venture with the Strive boys so ...


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