Work has begun in earnest on the twenty9north production studio

This is the first news post on this website because this is the first news we have! We have begun building out the twenty9north production studio! This is a joint venture with the Strive boys so I took this build out as an opportunity to teach some very basic adhoc scrum tactics.

Studio Agile Board for the twenty9north studio project

While the board may be a bit hard to read, the basic gist is that there are 3 stages of this studio build out:

Stage 1: get everything wired up and working. At the end of this stage, we are producing retail ready audio.

Stage 2: get the studio “guest ready”. If we want to host voice actors, paying customers or guests, we need a well organized, comfortable space for them to work and record. We also need to add some additional workflow items like an on air light.

Stage 3: In this final stage we will begin adding video elements to the effort.

Things are coming together!